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One-year forecast

One-year forecast

SKU: 217537123517253

Once you have placed your order, please email me your birth details and birth location, plus clock-time if known (or use the contact form on this site). The one-year forecast looks at the potential in your life for the period ahead: it does not describe fixed certainties but does explore likely life areas to focus on, and possibilities and likelihoods. You can ask questions before I start the report but I cannot guarantee answers or outcomes. Astrology is about potential. This forecast will give you a pretty good idea of themes to look out for.


    This is a written report.


    If after the forecast period you feel dissatisfied, email me and we can discuss what didn't work for you.


    This report is emailed to you. If you want it posted to a land address, a small charge will be added to the fee.

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