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Legal notice

Before you place an order for my services, please read this notice which tells you what astrology can and cannot do. It helps you to understand what my role is and what you're paying for.

Astrology is not a science and cannot provide information that meets scientific standards. While astrology uses rigorous techniques and methods, these are not scientifically recognised under English law (or in many other jurisdictions). Astrology is better understood as a practical divinatory tool with an ancient history: its workings essentially belong to mysticism, to causes and effects we do not rationally comprehend.

While astrology is used by millions of people, and by many celebrities and leaders, it cannot offer certainties and guarantees. It instead provides insights into you and your life which may be understood subjectively: only you can determine whether an astrological report works for you, and this requires your active participation. At no stage does astrology take over your life or responsibility for your decisions. You are not told what to do. Astrology will supply you with information and it is for you to decide how to use it.

Everything contained in my astrological reports arises from my interpretation of your birth chart (or horoscope) and forecast chart(s) which are solely based on given time and place of birth. If the birth data you supply me is inaccurate, then the analysis is not for you.

What astrology does

The modern idea of astrology is that ‘planets’ (including Sun and Moon) mirror specific principles, characteristics and events – so, planets and their patterns in a chart do not so much ‘influence’ us as reflect life on Earth: past, present and future. It follows that none of us is a cosmic robot. Each of us has freewill.

Certainly, astrology seeks to deepen self-knowledge and offer guidance. As a tool to these ends, its potential value is huge. But its insights, based on observation and precedent over time, are intended as food for thought - not as a substitute for your own essential critical judgement.

This is also true of the forecast: no astrologer can predict with scientific exactitude how or when certain planetary chart interpretations will actually manifest in your life. Future trends are identified, sometimes within time frames – but in what form these will surface in your life and when precisely remains to be seen.

You should therefore keep an open mind as you read my astrological report(s) – and give weight to guidance as you see fit. Only you can judge whether it works for you.

What you pay for

Please note that the fee is payment for the work done in analysing your chart and not for guaranteeing outcomes. Astrology is a tremendous tool for self-enlightenment, and for identifying trends, but how far these are useful and stimulating is very much down to you to determine.

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