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Draconic life purpose chart: written report

Draconic life purpose chart: written report

It's a question many of us ask at some point in our lives - "Why am I here?" Or, "What is my life purpose?" Astrology can offer guidance. There is an ancient Babylonian system called Draconic Astrology which seeks to find the answer to these questions - and I am one of a few astrologers who understands and practises this technique.


Draconic means dragon-like and has to do with myth and the Moon - specifically with the lunar nodes. The draconic chart is based on your birth details and is read along with your usual birth chart - the two charts together tell me a lot more about fate's purpose for you.


Once you buy this service, email me your birth details: the day, month and year, and clock-time of birth as well as your birth location. Send this via the Contact box on this site. Or email me first with any questions about draconic astrology. The report comes in written form and is delivered by email.

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