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Launch time advice

Launch time advice

SKU: 284215376135191

Once you have placed your order, email me your birth details (including clock-time if known and location), or use the contact form on this site. This service helps you decide the best moment to start something - such as getting married, launching a business, or some other event. When you contact me, tell me what event you want me to analyse and give me a date range for the event (eg, you may want your wedding to take place in the spring of the following year: so I would look to find the best dates for a wedding in the March-to-June phase of the next year, depending on whether it's planned in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere).


    This is a written report.


    Normally not refundable. But if dissatisfied immediately after the event has taken place, please contact me.


    This report is only emailed.

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