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Bumper astro-package: the ultimate reading

Bumper astro-package: the ultimate reading

A de-luxe service just for you - in effect I become your personal consultant. This service supplies a birth chart reading, solar return forecast reading (but you must know time of birth), a one-year forecast and a best location report (for desciptions, see each of the services as advertised on this page). These reports will be emailed to you - if you wish to receive a hard copy, an additional p&p cost will be added - and please contact me first about this very special customised service. ADDITIONALLY, one Zoom video/audio meeting with me, lasting up to one hour, is offered to talk about your charts or any life issue(s). Any subsequent Zoom consultation will be separately charged and can be negotiated. The ultimate gift to yourself. This bumper report takes at least 28 days to prepare and complete.


I shall need your full birth data (day/month/year; time as am or pm and location). 

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