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Birth chart analysis

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Once you have placed your order, please email me your birth details (or use the contact form on this site). Your horoscope is created from birth details: day, month, year, clock-time (if known) and location. This birth chart is a symbolic map of your life and it is my job to interpret it for you. Your horoscope will tell you things about your character, experiences, relationships, talents, work etc. You will be supplied a report written by me, delivered by email. I do the work, not a computer.


    I'll need your birth details to draw up your horoscope. Date of birth, clock-time (if known) and location. All our commmunications are in confidence.


    The fee you pay is for the work done, the calculation of your chart, the analysis and the writing of the report. I cannot guarantee outcomes, grant wishes, or promise certain events. But if after you've read the report you do not feel it means anything to you, let me know and I can arrange a refund. NB that supplied birth details must be accurate. If inaccurate, the chart will not work for you and the fee in this case is not refundable.


    Your report will be emailed to you. It can also be posted to a land address for an additional fee depending on location.

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