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Your stars for 2020


March 21-April 20

If 2019 saw welcome release from a frustrating situation and the start of something awesome (or at least interesting) – especially in career or overall life direction – 2020 starts with a sense of a ‘trial run’, as if you’re feeling your way through something new, with five planets at the top of your chart. From March to July, there is a need to secure your position by finding new friends or allies. But the best is yet to come. From June to the start of 2021, ruler Mars occupies Aries, strengthening your hand and firing you up to push your personal interests or wishes – professionally or romantically. Socially, April to August is your golden phase: stylish Venus draws new colleagues who adore your refreshing edge.


April 21-May 21

Don’t worry too much if you’re feeling restless at the start of the New Year – get used to it! Instinct is priming you for a lengthy phase of physical and/or spiritual adventure. So, the more stuck in a rut you are the more you’ll be looking and finding new ways of living and thinking. The second half of 2020 certainly sees you exploring unorthodox or even esoteric life options, but these will not distract you from material matters: the April-to-August phase favours a new business enterprise, an income boost and/or a burst of retail therapy that feeds aspiration and lifts mood. Travel is emphasised all year with the increased likelihood of joining a group of like-minded thrill-seekers – who may lead you…astray.


May 22-June 21

The social adventures of 2019 give way to the next logical stage in your evolution – a whole re-appraisal of finances, personal philosophy and sexual limits (if any!). The process won’t be painless – requiring you to let go of a situation (or two) that has reached its expiry date – but the rewards of developing the ‘new you’ become a lot clearer as 2020 progresses. Thanks to the Venus retrograde, April to August triggers an image makeover, encouraged by a new special relationship or adviser. And the lengthy Mars retrograde fills the June to December period with an extraordinary burst of social activity, campaigning or business development. Financially, this really is a year when you can make substantial progress if you accept inevitable changes.


June 22-July 23

Finally, you see that you really had to come out of your shell again: this is how 2020 starts, with you reflecting on how strange and unpredictable life can be. With you back in the fray. Thanks to Jupiter, your social world is set to re-grow in ways that you cannot imagine right now; and for many Cancerians, a new partnership of some kind cannot be ruled out. Or an existing bond just gets a lot more exciting. A need to restructure a financial arrangement is indicated in the March-to-July phase. And from June to the end of the year, you’ll become uncharacteristically tenacious in pushing for attention or promotion at work – not because you’re an egomaniac, but because (yes!) you’re worth it.


July 24-August 23

Can you ever resist looking in a mirror or shop window to check how you look? Who cannot? For Leos, there will be a lot of self-assessing throughout 2020 as you embark on at least one major self-improvement program that ultimately leads to a change in job, a new improved body or refreshed spirit – or all three. The drive here is not vanity per se, but an enhanced desire to enjoy who you are and what you do. And anyone who dares to laugh at your ambition is likely to be shown the door, especially between March and July when judgemental Saturn is appraising friends or ‘frenemies’. December sees a huge change in your social world for the better – it was a long time coming.


August 24- September 23

Get used to being called ‘selfish’ in 2020. Or a drama queen. Or an attention-seeker. Who cares? With a huge planetary line-up in the chart house of creativity and self-expression as you start the year, even Virgo hermits and long-nailed recluses will be a lot more driven to show the world what they’re made of. But dedication to a passion or talent requires a lot of me-time – and this is where trouble may stir as loved ones kick up against your focus. Well, it’s time to put yourself first. High-energy Mars sits out June to December in the chart house of sexual energy – which could lead to some stimulating experiences. Or a burst of artistic expression. A very hot year.


September 24- October 23

A long-running home or family responsibility or problem reaches its end in 2020 as heavy planets Saturn and Pluto merge early in January (so, a vital decision must be made) before they slowly separate. There will be a build up to another domestic resolution around the time of the mid-October New Moon in Libra. On the way, a greater sense of personal freedom will add new flavours to life. Unusual social connections are made in the April-to-August period – but keep things at the level of fun and frolics as certain people on closer inspection may be a little too peculiar. A new home or an enlarged one is a distinct possibility in 2020 as finances, circumstances and optimism encourage an upgrade.


October 24-November 22

Do you fancy feeling young again? You could put yourself through cosmetic surgery, of course. But in 2020, you’re more likely to embrace a new topic of study which renews a teens-like spirit of inquiry that’s grown dormant in recent years. Under Jupiter’s expansive energy, you’ll find a greater ease in explaining complex problems to colleagues, relatives and even neighbours, depending on your life situation. This sharpened skill proves most useful in the second half of the year when you’ll be called on to fight a cause on someone’s behalf. The more you channel your robust temperament into helping others, the better you’ll feel. Financially, the best phase of the year is April to August when Venus favours gifts or loans.


November 23-December 21

Money, money, money! You’re not normally so preoccupied with cash questions. Yet one way or another 2020 starts with a financial issue that revolves around possible growth through the taking of a risk or an investment. Because Sagittarians are inclined to gamble, the best advice is to take advice. There is a very real chance here to profit if you play the long game and do not look for an instant jackpot. Social or romantic life hits a high point between April and August. And from June to the end of the year, you’ll correct the work-life balance by devoting more time to a sport or hobby. December’s powerful solar eclipse in your sign is sure to refill the treasure trove.


December 22-January 20

Now there’s no need to feel overwhelmed just because 2020 starts with five planets in Capricorn – just think of all that energy that’s building up in you to break free, boldly go and climb metaphorical mountains. No matter the scale of your ambition – modest or mega – 2020 really is a ‘restart’ year for you. If you set upon a course to be more independent or to pioneer something, maverick planet Uranus offers its blessings. It could very well be that you must beg to differ with certain family members as you make necessary domestic changes to accommodate new work or travel plans, especially between June and December. But do not allow anyone to put up obstacles to your progress. Onwards is upwards!


January 21-February 19

It’s not normally like you to withdraw from the spotlight. But an instinct to slip behind the scenes and work on something special behind closed doors is the dominant mood of 2020. It’s as if something very precious is in development. This could be an artistic work, or a spiritual discipline (such as a meditation practice), recovery from ill-health (if applicable) or research to discover hidden facts that help you better understand a situation. You are in a state of spiritual or creative renewal – go with the flow of this. Even so, the April-to-August period will be very hectic. And December sees the momentous Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius: a personal wish is finally granted.


February 20-March 20

If you make New Year resolutions, most probably you’ll keep them. And why’s that? Because the strong 2020 chart emphasis is on setting life-changing goals of a very practical nature based on cherished ideals. This mindset is geared to achieving things – in career, business, campaigns and/or widening social networks. Unusually, you’ll be more focused on seeking out people who are on your wavelength and distancing yourself from free-riders or negative types: expect criticism in consequence. But stay true to an objective. In the second half of the year, a financial initiative is favoured under single-minded Mars while family life thrives under Venus in the April-to-August period. Towards the end of the year, a spiritual insight contributes to a remarkable achievement.

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