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Your stars for 2021

Updated: Feb 10, 2021


March 21-April 20

With no ruler Mars retrograde to worry about in 2021, life will proceed at quite a pace – which is how you like it. After the 2020 horror show, your primary focus is on re-adjusting dreams or your business to financial realities. If this seems a grim task, be pleasantly surprised. Come March to May, cash (and love) planet Venus is very much on your side, enabling you to profit materially and/or emotionally, provided you stay realistic. And when Jupiter pops into Pisces briefly in May-July, life really feels that it’s on your side since this transit offers spiritual protection. Success is found through joint effort and the people you trust, so don’t be afraid to part company with those who have outstayed their welcome.


April 21-May 21

There’s a strong sense of recovery in your chart as planets realign and focus much energy on career or overall life direction – yes, it is likely that you are at a fork in the road and need to consider fresh options. On your side are power planets Jupiter and Saturn bringing you opportunity and new responsibilities which generate an uplift in income. The most favourable 2021 periods for intimate relationships and financial growth are April-May and August-September when ruler Venus runs through its two favourite signs. You may be fighting for more personal freedom, particularly with unruly Uranus in Taurus all year. But you are a pragmatic soul, so it won’t be overly challenging to secure rewards via compromise.


May 22-June 21

As unlikely as it may seem in present circumstances, 2021 brings you an abundance of chances to break out of restrictive situations. And this is not just about the eventual end of lockdowns. Travel – literal or psychological – is a feature of this development born of a hunger for challenge and knowledge. Late June is an especially exciting time when ruler Mercury ends a retrograde and draws in the solid focus of Saturn. Whatever your situation, it will soon become apparent that life is filling out again but in ways you might not have imagined. Uranus is driving you to break with old ways of thinking and doing things and this process may cause upsets. Too bad. There’s no going back to the past.


June 22-July 23

What you desire most in life is the abiding question of 2021. Jolly Jupiter will be lulling you into a sense of calmness about finances and/or partnership while scrupulous Saturn is pulling you in another direction, causing you to wonder whether you are being treated equally or fairly. What’s really going on is that you’re in the midst of a long-term inner revolution – so don’t be too hasty in finding answers. An unexpected windfall – perhaps from a partner’s good luck or a tax refund – may alter a perspective. And around mid-year for certain, an event occurs which offers a glimpse of an alternative to your current life – one that grows more attainable as you see out this year.


July 24-August 23

Even the most lonesome Leo will not miss out on what awesome Jupiter and Saturn (in opposite sign Aquarius) are bringing into your life in 2021 – many fresh faces! If social life does not turn electric then certainly love life has the potential for abundance, though the advice here is that you don’t overdo it. Please, behave. And those already hitched in coupledom will be tested by delights (and maybe the odd challenge) that help to refresh parts of the relationship grown stale. At anytime of the year there’s the potential to get promoted (or demoted) largely because of who you know or how well you have maintained a bond. So, 2021’s message is: be a good friend, lover, colleague, whatever.


August 24- September 23

There is so much going for you in 2021 that it’s hard to know where to start. Just appreciate that two key planets have entered Virgo’s chart domain, giving impetus to work progress and improved health after the anxieties and paralysis of 2020. If you are currently struggling to find work, Jupiter aids your search while Saturn brings new responsibilities. Key times for these developments include January-February, October and December. Hard work will be crucial, however. September’s Virgo New Moon is one to watch as it aligns with a highly stimulating Uranus, opening up a professional, educational or romantic adventure (a hat-trick would be perfect, of course). Overseas contacts are of especial value this year as a source of surprise developments.


September 24- October 23

For most people, 2020 was a year of stifling lockdowns and frustrating pauses. For Librans in 2021, ‘liberation’ will be found in a re-blossoming of birth talents as well as a merry-go-round of love interests (the latter could be tricky for more reasons than one). You are about to turn setbacks into advantages, and it is your happy fortune to be able to do this with a minimum of fuss. The August-September period proves memorable with ruler Venus in your sign, raising magnetism quotient and star potential (professionally). A style overhaul is an absolutely fabulous certainty in the summer. After an unexpected financial gift in the April-May phase, home life promises an exciting development towards the end of the year.


October 24-November 22

Life never stands still as you well know. And this next year draws much attention to the home area and family matters as due for an overhaul. The illusion that everything is fixed in stone quickly evaporates as events persuade you to think again about a residential move, a major refurbishment or family expansions or contractions. The main reason lies in the volatile dynamics of relationships under the misrule of Uranus – but don’t assume the worst. So often it is the unforeseen event that triggers the thing that most people wanted in the first place. So, stay flexible. Co-ruler Pluto remains dominant over communications, giving you extra power to persuade, market and sell. There’s money to be made from property.


November 23-December 21

Don’t worry, we’re all feeling jittery after the events of 2020. Be assured that in 2021 ruler Jupiter brings exciting opportunities to learn new things and gain advantages from the way in which you communicate to the world – this could be through media work, a blog, a Zoom video conversation or via siblings or neighbours. If life seems somehow ‘smaller’ than it once did then consider that a restart sets you on a path of recovery. January-March is a highly promising time for gain as Mercury moves close to Jupiter, inspiring you with the right words and ideas. Work may prove varied if erratic yet you’re moving in the right direction. Full Moons in July-August trigger lucrative happenings.


December 22-January 20

A weight is lifted from your shoulders – or at least that’s the way life feels as you step gingerly into 2021. This is because Jupiter and Saturn moved out of your sign in late 2020 and have started work on restoring financial worth. If you haven’t noticed yet, it will become apparent in the coming year. Business start-ups, income raises or asset upgrades are probable under the cosmic influences of expansion and greater rigour. How can you fail? If anyone can turn opportunities into going concerns, it’s Capricorns. All this worthiness is somewhat undermined by a raised need for fun under madcap Uranus. And you’ll have to watch the odd temptation to unleash a side of you only good friends know about (shh!).


January 21-February 19

So, it has finally come. The much-promised year of fundamental change as Jupiter and Saturn slip into your sign. You now have a perfect set-up for raised confidence and a readiness to take on new responsibilities, which could be anything from work to relationship. A feature of this period is ‘luck’ – out of the blue, things arrive at your metaphorical doorstep. To make the most of this you will have to be fast off the mark be prepared to put in the work – Saturn is strict about that. Family events may be distracting but another plus is that in the May-July period, financial affairs are under better skies, setting you up well for further advance in 2022.


February 20-March 20

Life moves in cycles at all levels. Carry this simple but profound thought into 2021 as you start a longish goodbye to an old life and prepare to embark on a new adventure. One hint of this will be in the number of people from your past who suddenly pop back again – you could be delighted or appalled. This is a ‘clearing-out’ year, a time to wave off situations that no longer serve a useful purpose or which are now obstructing you. Professionally and in other ways, you prosper by exercising power behind the scenes, out of the spotlight. With ruler Neptune still in Pisces, intuition and creativity are greatly blessed, bringing success when you least appear to be reaching for it.

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