Monthly Lunar Return Reports for SIX months

Monthly Lunar Return Reports for SIX months

Every month the Moon returns to the same spot as your birth Moon in your horoscope. This is known as the lunar return. In this monthly report (each report is sent to you just prior to the return moment each month), I look to see where the planets are in your birth chart at the moment of the lunar return. This sets the theme of the next approximate four weeks ahead in your life. In effect I become your regular personal consultant, helping you to identify best and least best moments for certain activities. Or to just get a sense and feel of the month ahead. 


Each report is about 1000 words long but may be longer depending on the complexity of the chart. For this report I will need your complete birth data: day, month, year and location of birth. Time of birth is also crucial. If you do not know your birth time, then this service is not available to you. This is because the Moon moves rapidly and covers a lot of sky ground in one day. So, precision is essential if this report is going to be useful to you.


Once you have made the purchase by PayPal, send me your birth data via the Contact Box at the bottom of my Home page. I shall acknowledge within 24 hours and later set out a calendar of your lunar returns within the purchase period. 

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