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The US Election 2020 for 3 November 2020

OK, let's get to it - Biden to win based on the following analysis which is modern in approach....

Donald Trump – transits, progressions, directions and solar return

North Node return exact between his Sun and Uranus – and some may say this is a strong indication of victory. But it can also suggest a new life cycle. Tr Moon is in Gemini and will be applying to conjoin his Uranus-Sun conjunction late in the day (arguably a positive if a consummated conjunction) but may be a little too far away from his Gemini planets to matter much on the day. Tr Saturn down in the 5th still opposes his natal Venus which can be alienating or isolating. More worrying for Trump is that tr Pluto is in an opposition cycle with his natal Saturn – indicative that he is up against forces he cannot wholly control – this could be the virus and/or the electorate. Tr Sun will be square Pluto, another unhelpful sign of power compromised.

In his natal/progressed chart, the Sun is now moving away from his rising point – it was conjunct back in 2016 (a strong indicator of victory then), a sign possibly of waning power now. Progressed AC is separated from sextile with natal Mars, another sign of declining favour. His progressed MC is exactly conjunct progressed Saturn in the 12th – in itself a not unfavourable aspect but in the 12th a possible indicator that something ends. Interestingly, progressed Uranus is now exactly conjunct his North Node (natally NN and Uranus are about 3 degrees apart) which could suggest a major break or change of direction while progressed North Node is exactly conjunct natal Uranus – a kind of swap between point and planet. Another sign possibly of disrupted plans or change.

In his solar arc directed chart, Uranus is now very close to natal AC – yet another sign of a change of direction though it is out of orb by several minutes – some might say that since it applies it may already be having an effect. Directed Saturn (power) is perilously close to birth Neptune (loss) – but again out of orb by several minutes. Directed North Node is pulling away from rising point in early Virgo, suggesting a new phase.

In Trump’s 14 June solar return for 2020, Cancer rises – a very ‘changeable’ sign. Moon rules this chart and in the Equal House system, Moon is in the perilous 8th conjunct Neptune/Mars (both on the same degree which can be enfeebling, but at least Neptune is dignified and Mars likes the 8th): but the 8th can be construed as an end point. Uranus in the 10th widely square Saturn in early Aquarius is also unhelpful. With Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto at his Descendant, could this be power given away? Sun is square the planets on the Descendant – not good. An unhappy solar return.

Joe Biden – transits, progressions, directions and solar returns

On election day tr Sun conjoins his Mars in Equal 12th – empowering at least. His Mars, further empowered in Scorpio as co-ruler, is part of a Scorpio stellium and the conjunction activates a load of energies that square Scorpio co-ruler Pluto (huge energies) but usefully trine Jupiter. Tr Moon conjoins his Saturn which is ambiguous – but can be construed as a highly testing time that could be good if emotions are controlled. People (Moon) bestow power (Saturn) on him? Remember, this Gemini Moon just misses Trump’s Uranus on the day.

In Biden’s natal/progressed chart, progressed MC in his 1st house is exactly opposite his Saturn which can be a marker of a new life cycle of responsibility. Otherwise progressions show little else of much consequence.

In his solar arc chart, directed Saturn is at the top of his chart applying to conjoin North Node (in early Virgo) though out of orb by several minutes – otherwise a strong indication of the challenges of new power. Directed North Node sits in the middle of his Scorpio stellium exactly sextile natal MC – another positive for power.

Biden’s solar return for 20 November 2019 has a helpful Kite pattern pointing at Mars (opposite Uranus), a stormy but fortunate shape. MC is at 0 degree Gemini, suggesting the start of something new (in Whole Signs, this would be in the 10th house – career/power). Mercury rules this chart via Virgo rising and it’s part of a Minor Grand Trine with apex in the Capricorn planets of power in his 5th – a favourable indicator of growing power.

In his 2020 solar return post-election, Scorpio rises which suits his natal Scorpio stellium. Sun is now part of a Minor Grand Trine pointing to the Capricorn planets that also include Moon – favourable for people support in power. It is nonetheless a tumultuous chart with Uranus on his Descendant and Mars widely square the Capricorns. Mercury on the AC is radiating and communicative.

By these systems Biden is preferred. But I have not looked at eclipses or other cyclic planetary patterns or ingress charts – so I may have missed something big!


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